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I am a foster alumni and this is my story. My birth mom had four daughters. The first two with her first husband who she claims was a drug addict and physically abusive to her followed by myself and sister Niki with the father we shared, my mothers second husband. My mother and father were divorced before I could recall any memories. I have no real understanding of what went on in their relationship. My mother had a deep hatred for my father, among almost everything else in this world, and allowed my sister Niki and I to see him… Read more “Kylie”


Although my time in foster care was short in comparison to others—I was equally as affected by the experience. I was removed from my dysfunctional family at the young age of eight and placed with a loving, considerate foster family with whom I am still in contact with today. My foster family contributed significantly to my character, exploring my aspirations and finding my own voice. During my time in foster care, I sought out to foster meaningful and positive relationships with both of my parents to which I still have and cherish today.  After being returned to my biological father,… Read more “Chase”


So many years ago now I aged out of foster care. Oh, my it has been one hell of a journey. The rise and the falls, and grouped with the stigma that is FOSTER Care. The way we are perceived as a whole is not fair. Being bounced from one home to another takes its toll on you. When I look back on these past decades of being free of the Foster system I will have to admit it’s harder for us than the average Joe. Yes, we have free college for life if state permits but, wow, that’s it.… Read more “Travis”


I aged out of foster care in 1986. I was 17, and I’d spent nearly five years in foster care before heading off to college. I went on to complete my bachelor’s degree in English, and the ending of college was something of a shock for me. College had provided a continuation of some of the structure I was familiar with, but when everyone else went back to their respective homes after graduation, I attempted to build a life for myself with no family to fall back on. I’d already struggled with depression and an eating disorder in college, and… Read more “Lora”


My name is Ashley Shannon and I was in foster care. I was born to parents that both had mental health disorders and had developmental delays. There is not a doubt in my mind that they didn’t love my sisters and I. Our childhood wasn’t the easiest, but I made it through it. When I was 14 my father was diagnosed with a terminal brain disease. Our family was devastated because we were going to lose our father. He was the glue that held our family together. I was going to miss experiencing so many things with my father: getting… Read more “Ashley”


Tell us about yourself.
Hi! My name is Amy Pace. I am mother of three beautiful kiddos, ages 20, 16 &15 years old (not so little anymore); wife, chef, baker and small business owner. Pretty much the Chaos Coordinator of my household! How did you first get involved with FAM?
I believe it was when the amazing Kim had this awesome idea and needed someone to bounce ideas around with. I wanted to be so much more involved than my schedule would allow, but I have loved seeing every step FAM has made along the way growing and… Read more “Amy”


I am a Foster Alumni and I am an overcomer! I first entered foster care at 1 1/2 after my biological mother tried to kill me on the night my father was arrested for multiple sex crimes on multiple children including me. My mother had me at 14 years old and already battled through alcoholism and drug addiction, alongside many mental health issues. My father was also an alcoholic and was often violent towards my mother.
When I was 2 I was adopted into a family that would turn out 1000 times worse than my biological family. I was… Read more “Kristiona”



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