Tell us about yourself.
Hi! My name is Amy Pace. I am mother of three beautiful kiddos, ages 20, 16 &15 years old (not so little anymore); wife, chef, baker and small business owner. Pretty much the Chaos Coordinator of my household!

How did you first get involved with FAM?
I believe it was when the amazing Kim had this awesome idea and needed someone to bounce ideas around with. I wanted to be so much more involved than my schedule would allow, but I have loved seeing every step FAM has made along the way growing and reaching people!

What do you love about FAM?
I love how FAM stands to help foster alumni reach their goals & dreams!

Share some of your successes with us.
I am 3 years short of completing the challenge of raising three smart, healthy kids. Seriously, growing up my only goal was to be a mom. Given my childhood I see this as a success.

My husband and I are in our 15th year! Growing up, my role models of what good relationships looked like were a little lacking. I am proud of the personal growth I have made that has made it possible for me to have a healthy, loving long-term relationship. I graduated college. I was not able to graduate high school and it may have taken me 8 years and 2 tries to do it, but I did it!

You make the most amazing cakes! How did you get into baking and decorating?
My aunt Vickie did some cake decorating when I was younger. I was a little interested and she taught me how to do a buttercream rose. I went on to live my life and work through my own family and personal battles and never thought much about it. I remember years later making this extravagant (haha extravagant for me at the time with no real decorating skills or knowledge) pumpkin-shaped cake. My husband had always seen the cakes I would try to make, and one year he bought me a cake decorating course at Michael’s for my birthday. He knew I was looking for yet another hobby. I took the first 2 classes and that was all I needed to learn the basics. Since then everything I have learned has been self-taught, trial and error, and YouTube. I always give credit to my aunt for sparking the interest, and credit to my husband for helping me realize one of my passions!

What do you want fellow foster alumni to know?
No matter how hard it looks or the battles you face, no matter how many times you feel knocked down… like Dory says “just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming swimming!” It can always get better!

What does FAMily mean to you?
A sense of belonging.