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Want to know what your donation makes possible?

It offers hope.

Like for “Sam”, who had been kicked out of her living situation and was found waiting outside the FAM office—a place to turn to, a place where foster alumni aren’t judged or belittled, a stable “homebase.” Knowing that our alumni always have their right answers within, our Alumni Coordinator sat down with Sam to brainstorm next steps and to offer encouragement that she’d be OK.

It removes barriers.

Like “Sherry”, whose daughter had to be airlifted to Children’s Hospital in Denver and didn’t have gas to get over the mountains to be there for her, but FAM did. Or like “Sebastian” who was in a bad situation in Montana and didn’t have the resources to get back home to Colorado. FAM coordinated with out-of-state contacts to help find him a place to stay and a ride to the bus station.

It builds community.

Like for “Sal” and “Stephen”, one who were working toward a master’s in social work (MSW) at Metro State University, and one who was a recent Colorado Mesa University graduate looking to do the same. The two developed a bond and now both have MSWs. Or like Shelby who was in a car accident that totaled her vehicle, and she was able to coordinate rides to work to help keep her job.

It breaks the cycle.

Like “Sandy”, who is raising her sister and her own two kids and is learning how to make better choices than their mom, who was arrested for selling drugs. With FAM, she’s been able to navigate through the struggles and design a better life for her family. Or like many who take part in our teens and moms’ groups, identifying how to spot and prevent some of the challenges they experienced as kids to move forward.

You know what else your donation does?

It tells foster alumni that you see them, and you see their inherent value as a person and community member. It assures an oft forgotten or dismissed population, “You matter, and you’re worth it.”

Your support changes lives

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