Hey! Were you in foster care?

We were, too! Which is why our founder created Foster Alumni Mentors (FAM). Based on her own experience of entering foster care at age 14 and aging out at age 17, she experienced firsthand the impact of a lack of resources for foster alumni. So, she did something about it.

What is FAM?

FAM is an organization that supports anyone over the age of 16 who is currently in foster/kinship care or has ever been in foster/kinship care—essentially anyone who wasn’t raised by their biological parents (even if you never were a ward of the state). That support can look like a bunch of different things depending on what the individual’s needs are. For example:

  • Maybe you want to connect with people who understand what it was like to be in foster care
    • We have monthly group activities with plenty of time to connect
  • Maybe you feel the nudge to go to back to school and aren’t quite sure how to apply
    • We have staff who can walk through the paperwork with you one-on-one
  • Maybe you are a first-time parent and feel nervous about “all the things”
    • We have a Moms Group of fellow foster care alumni that meets every month
  • Maybe you are still in foster care and are unsure about how you’ll make it on your own
    • We have ongoing workshops that help build “adulting” skills, like cooking and budgeting
  • Maybe you are wanting to reach your goals but don’t know how to get there
    • We have staff who can help you identify first steps and provide support along the way

Whether it’s our monthly group meet-ups (affectionately called “FAM Time”), one-on-one mentoring with FAM staff, educational workshops and retreats, or specialized groups for moms and teens, you’ll be in good company with those who understand and believe in you.

Am I eligible to join FAM?

Yes, if any of these sound like you, you’re totally eligible.

Meet One of Our Members

After aging out of foster care, “Sandy” tried to reunite with her birth mother. Not having grown up with her mom, she did not really know or understand her mother’s addiction to drugs or its impact on her own behaviors. After connecting, Sandy soon realized she was in a very dangerous environment and left her mother’s home. Unfortunately, without any other strong family or social support, Sandy found herself lonely and engaging with people with issues and behaviors similar to those of her mother.

Referred to FAM by her former DHS case manager who saw her struggling, Sandy says, “As part of FAM, I definitely learned healthier coping skills to deal with my trauma. I have been able to connect with people who understand me, and I’ve been educated in so many things that I never knew about. I have learned to set boundaries – not only with my mother, but also the other people that surround me. Setting those boundaries has allowed me to break away from people who aren’t making the best decisions in their lives.

FAM highly values the relationships with and between our staff and “Members” (foster alumni). Having been in foster care ourselves, we can understand firsthand having feelings of self-doubt and difficulty trusting or relying on others. So, we want to be sure to tell you now (and anytime you need a reminder):

  • You are worthy of love and support.
  • You will not be judged or rejected here.
  • Your needs are important, and you can ask for help when you need it.
  • You can improve your life.

Ready to join FAM?

We’d love to have you. Reach out via any of the methods below to learn about how to get started or to ask any questions.

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