Inspire Hope Luncheon

It is important to understand that Nonprofit organizations rely heavily on fundraising and donations from our community to sustain operations and carry out our mission. 
Fundraising and giving are essential to a growth by providing necessary resources to support meaningful causes, and empower individuals to make a positive impact all around them. As FAM continues to grow we are looking for ways to further connect with our community to share what we do and how you can help.
We are excited to hold monthly “Inspire Hope” luncheons to share what FAM is doing in our community and how you can help. These luncheons are our way of sharing with on a more personal level what we do and the programs we provide. As donors, we know it is important to see the direct impact you are making and we love getting to share this with you as you grow with us in the future.

 During this luncheon, you will learn about:

  • Our history….why FAM began in 2017.
  • Our growth….all the numbers of those we serve and financials. 
  • Inspiring stories from FAM members and what FAM means to them.
  • Our upcoming projects and initiatives, and how you can be part of making a difference.

Want to join one of our luncheons? Just reach out to Brenda at 970-234-3519 or email to get your name on the list. 

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