Meet Starla!

I’m Starla! I’m a 32-year-old mom to a bunch of girls! I was in foster care starting at 15 and aged out at 18. I decided to follow my dream and recently graduated from cosmetology school and am waiting to sit for my licensing. I love all things hair and makeup! I chose this industry because it’s a really awesome way to get to connect with people and give them, not only a space to come and relax, but also lend a listening ear.
I have cried a few times with my clients. I just love people and truly believe in putting good into anyone I come across.

Where are you from?
I call Grand Junction home
Hobbies, family life, anything you would like to share so that we can know you a bit better?
I have many totally unfinished hobbies, between my boyfriend and I, we have 5 girls and a very wide age range. I’ve lived in many different places and, although I call GJ home, I’m terrified to drive in the mountains here!  My goal with my license is to be able to provide services for youth currently in care.
Intellitec cosmetology graduate 
5 fun facts about yourself.
I have a major fear of fish, I’ve had literal nightmares about them chasing me. 
I’m often the quiet one in the room but that changes when we know one another. 
I love nature and oftentimes forget to leave my house with shoes on in the summer.
I have dreams of one day writing a book! 
Halloween is easily my favorite holiday. 

We are so proud of you Starla keep moving forward toward your dreams!

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