What would you do?

One week before your high school graduation you’re told you have to leave the home you are living in after you graduate because you no longer are able to stay in that house. You’re 17, you have no money, no family, and no supports.

Been there, done that. And…I survived.
What happened in my life to get me to where I am today?
People placed in my life at the right time when I needed them.
Sure, I was homeless for a little while, even though I didn’t recognize that I was homeless because I thought in order to be homeless I had to be sleeping on the streets. I wasn’t. I was sleeping on the couches of friends wherever I could.
It wasn’t until someone asked me if I had thought about going to college that changed the trajectory of my life.
Had I thought of going to college? Yes, when I was in high school, living in a foster home, and didn’t have to worry about where I was going to live…until they told me I would have to leave. That’s when it all changed. That’s when it became about survival.

I ask you again, what would you do?

Now, what WILL you do to help those foster youth who age out of the system with no money, no family, and no support?

A mentor changed the course of my life.
You can do the same for a foster youth.

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